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By: Thomas M. Ciesla

Whether you opt for a simple filter attached to your kitchen faucet or decide to install a sophisticated point of entry treatment system, maintenance is key to guaranteeing contaminant free water. Granulated activated carbon does a remarkable job of filtering out impurities, but bacteria trapped in the filter for extended periods can actually multiple in the warm, oxygen rich environment. It is important to follow manufacturer recommendations for changing these filters. Solid carbon filters are better at handling bacterial buildup since the solid surface traps the bacteria from penetrating through the carbon block.

Reverse Osmosis systems require occasional cleaning and periodic changing of the membrane. Water softeners require regular backwashing to refresh the salt solution and periodic changing of the salt matrix. Fortunately, most manufacturers include indicators to alert you when a filter needs changing, and water softener systems now include LED readouts and automatic backwash capabilities.

Besides helping water taste better, other benefits of installing water treatment systems in your home include: removal of chemicals many feel are harmful to humans such as chlorine or fluoride, and numerous organic compounds allowable under EPA regulations. Softer water lessens consumption of detergents, provides more luxurious shampoos, helps clothing last longer and prevents scale and stain build up on plumbing fixtures. When compared to bottled water, the cost of installing filtering and softening systems is quite affordable over the long term. Not only is bottled water the most expensive of these solutions, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Clean Water & Oceans: Drinking Water Report, the EPA standards for city tap water far exceeds the FDA's standards for bottled water. Taking personal responsibility for your water quality will afford you the satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that your water is truly healthier.

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The primary components of Culligans home water system is the reverse osmosis filter membrane. The process helps produce the purest water of all.

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