masonry wall at the far end to serve as a backdrop for a simple fountain that adds motion and sound." By controlling the water volume flowing from the fountain, the sound can be changed from a high-pitched trickle to a deep, throaty rush of water.

McKinnon, an accomplished gardener as well as landscape designer, says that every plant selection was made with a specific purpose in mind, "for silhoutte, for contrast in texture, or for underscoring the structure of the garden. The composition is deliberatelt minimal, not layer upon layer, or texture upon texture, but with a simplicity that helps acheive the goal of a peaceful, comforting sanctuary. The concept of minimalism seems a litte

Viewed from the covered patio, the rear yard (above) is a study in linear geometry. The masonry wall in the background conceals equipment for the pool, spa and fountain. The floor tiles used in the covered patio (left) extend to the pool and pet areas to seamlessly tie all functional zones into the whole.

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