hen Red Adams and Tod Lindholm acquired their 1950s ranch-style home, the interiors had been renovated but the landscaping hadn't been touched. "The yard was dull, to put it mildly," Rex says, "so we turned to Mark McKinnon, hoping he and his associates could transform the ordinary into the luxurios."

Work began in the summer of 2002, and high on the homeowners' wish list was overhauling the front entry, which was "dark and tiresome,'' according to Rex. "I wanted it to be brighter, to include a water

In the meditation garden (above), stone flooring, potted plants and drip irrigation ensure the owners have a nurturing, low upkeep space. Fig ivy upholsters the walls with its cooling green foliage. A stacked stone fountain (left) anchors one end of the garden; its mellow sounds block out those of the surrounding city.

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