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Bottom Line
A variety of fixtures are available for interior and exterior applications, many with optional lenses and filters to focus or vary the intensity of the light output.

Fiber optic lighting can provide the homeowner with unique illumination solutions, but the technology is more expensive than typical lighting. For example, installing standard lighting fixtures, excluding labor but including wiring and a controller, would cost roughly $185.00, compared to around $450 for fiber optic lighting, says Wolf.

Fiber optic lighting is most effective in careful combination with standard lighting systems, and usually requires the experience of a lighting designer for aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solutions; one reason you won't find this technology in your local home improvement center. With proper design, fiber optic lighting will add drama and excitement to your home, no matter what your budget.

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Light under these waterfalls are optic. (photo by Fiberstars)

The cool blue glow of fiber optic light. (photo by Fiberstars)

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