Part II: The Strangers

W ithout warning, strangers from a strange land appeared, speaking in odd tongues, claiming to be of all things.....FAMILY! A confusion fell upon the land, as all looked to The One for guidance. What were they to do, should they welcome these strangers into their home?

Finally, she announces a contest for the strangers. To prove their heritage, they must partake in the age-old BLOCK BUILDING ceremony!

Stepping out into the frozen tundra,
the father confers with
"She-who-must-be- obeyed"for
some last minute instructions


After mass consumption of bird-pieces, pounded bread and a drink called GENNY, the contest begins. As the strangers try to shake-off the mysterious effects of the GENNY drink, the family wonders if this indeed will show these strangers to be pretenders. The One merely sits smiling on the floor as the males begin the task.

The Strangers are put to the ultimate test

After hours of lifting, measuring, straining, and sweating, a tower is completed. A tower like no tower ever built before. The One is pleased. The strangers are indeed family. Let the party begin!

Everyone joins in on the celebration. As tradition dictates, a tree from the forest is sacrificed, impaled on a metal spike and brought inside the house for all to see. Some family members even throw various objects onto it in an effort to comfort the tree as it slowly dies.

The celebration is strong
With a frigid wind howling outside, the celebration increases in intensity. The rooms become dangerously filled with debris and the food is almost depleted. An angst sets in amongst some family members, but they are at a loss for a plan. Amidst the chaos, the mother of The One (a.k.a. OneMother), steps forward with a wisdom beyond her years. She brings order, removes the choaking debris accumulating all around them, and yes, finds additional bird-bits and pounded bread to allow the celebration to continue.

The Elder thanking OneMother

Seeing all is well again, the sounds inside grow louder and strange music can be heard in the front of the home. Seated alone in a corner, The One suddenly feels it. She thinks to herself, "Could it be? Yes, there it is again." A slow rolling shudder shakes the house, un-noticed by the others. WHAT COULD IT BE?

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