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"the motto that guides me through my hectic life is: 'C'e' vita soltanto dove c'e' amore' -- Life exists only where there is love!"

    thomas m. ciesla


ABOUT the author

A native of western New York, Thomas moved to Texas as a young man and has lived there for over 25 years. As a writer/author he has written dozens of articles and published a book on Texas wine called Touring Texas Wineries. His writings include science, architecture, landscapes, technologies, food, wine and travel. He has been the southeast Texas field scout for Better Homes & Gardens and was awarded the Texas Wine Press Award in 2004.

Thomas' works have appeared in a variety of magazines, ezines and newspapers, including Better Homes & Gardens, Texas Women's Golf & Liesure, The Writers Journal, Houston House and Home, the Houston Chronicle, and The Wine Skinny.

Science conferences he has contributed to include: Vision 21 Symposium For Space Travel, Mars Sample Return Science Workshop, Space 88: Engineering, Construction and Operations In Space, and Lunar Bases and Space Activities in the 21st Century.

Beyond his writings, Thomas began his professional career as in-house architect for several Houston-based companies, designing both international and domestic projects. Later he entered the world of Information Technology, where he served as a Strategic Planner/Futurist for a Fortune 500 company.

His writing and graphic skills have allowed him to create a variety of projects ranging from jig-saw puzzles, brochures, monographs, logo's and web sites. His design for the site 'Texas Wine Trails' received the Texas Monthly Magazine annual Award Of Excellence for two years in a row.

Thomas' interests include landscaping, architecture, cosmology, astrobiology, exoplanets, philosophy, theology, the study of time, mass extinctions and evolution, and geography. As an amateur chef, Thomas has developed his own interpretation of classic recipes and was featured cooking recipes from his book 'Touring Texas Wineries' on the Houston PBS station.

In addition to speaking engagements and conference presentations, future works in the planning include a cookbook, a philosophical exploration of time, a science book exploring life on extrasolar planets, and a childrens book.

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